Sunday, September 23, 2012

IT'S A.....

We welcomed our second child today, our precious Ansel!
Labor this time around was no piece of cake like with Isabel. Labor started after visiting the Como Zoo Saturday evening and mom's water broke (some).  Mom and Dad made it to Woodwinds around 10ish.  Once admitted, contractions soon decreased through the evening and morning. Early morning Mom was checked and no progress had been made. About mid afternoon Mom was put on Pitocin though didn't seem to help much.  It wasn't until later that the Midwife, ruptured the rest of Mom's sac.  Which if people thought Mom was big, you were right. Mom had lots of fluids which seemed never to end in gushing.  Mom got into the Waterbirth Tub.  However after handfuls of contractions things were still not progressing. It seemed having another waterbirth wasn't going to happen.  However, somehow the walk back to the room, seemed to help things. Because Mom didn't have to be monitored anymore and there went the entire crew back to the waterbirthing tub.  Ansel was born at 5:30pm in the waterbirthing tub. He was 8 lbs, 15 oz, and 22" long.
Everyone is doing great! Thank you all for your thoughts, support, and prayers!
Oh and if you are curious of our selection in name. We loved the name Ansel as it reminds us of the great photography Ansel Adams took of the Tetons National Park with the winding Snake River.  One of our many favorite trips together!  Jeffrey, Dad's middle name, and his Dad's name.
Stay tuned for more pics :)

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