Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First week with Ansel

First week home has gone by fast! 
Ansel had his first check up and is weighing in at 8lbs, 13 oz.  He's pretty high in percentile for weight, head, and length.  He's definatly not going to let his big sister push him around. 
Grandparents Cambray arrived Thursday to meet their first grandson. They couldn't get enough snuggle time with Ansel and Isabel.  While visiting little did we find out, that Mom's Grandpa Gonzalezs' middle name was Anselmo, very close to our little Ansel. Grandpa Cambray is now back home but Grandma Cambray will be here for another week.  

Isabel is adoring her new brother and adjusting to sharing a room with him.  The household has LOTS more energy now with the new family addition.  Take a peek at some of the pics from the hospital and days at home thus far.  

Ansel officially 1 week old!

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